Maldrin Journey Development Update #1

Since the announcement of Maldrin Journey, Blurstar Games has been continuing work on the game this page details a few areas that have been worked on

Bug Fixes

Some bugs in the game that have been in for a while have also been fixed, such as an issue that prevented the camera from rotating and player 1 always winning the race to get to the end of the level first in two player mode, if both players finish the level before the countdown runs out. Along with more that can't be revealed.

Pause Menu

In previous builds you were able to see all of the levels from the start of the game, their names and amount of collectables. Now it displays a ??? until you visit a level for the first time, also the menu has been tidied up, instead of saying coins or artefacts collected it now just shows the symbol and then the amount collected making it easier to read. See images below, the left image is the old version but edited to remove level names and totals. The right image is the current version. The screenshots also reveal the first level is called Tropical Paradise.

EGX Rezzed Demo

The EGX Rezzed demo has also been in development for the past few weeks, it is almost ready for the show! The demo contains two levels available in one player mode and two player splitscreen, one of these levels is Tropical Paradise, the first level in the game, the other level is yet to be revealed! The demo also features a 10 minute time limit. EGX Rezzed takes place April 4th - 6th at the Tobacco Dock in London, tickets are available here.