Maldrin Journey Development Update #2

Since the announcement of Maldrin Journey, Blurstar Games has been continuing work on the game this page details a few areas that have been worked on

EGX Rezzed Demo

The demo for EGX Rezzed is ready and playtested! EGX Rezzed takes place April 4th - 6th, only one week to go, at the Tobacco Dock in London, tickets are available here.

Hint System

Now there is a hint shop allowing the player to view hints about artefact locations, but to see the hints the player will need to collect a certain about of coins per level. See a screenshot of the hints below

The screenshot shows the amount of coins required to view each hint, if an artefact is collected before the coin total is met, the hint will show gold to show it has been collected.

Added more sound FX

Such as when you do something in a level to make an artefact appear, plus make progress towards a puzzle.

Level enterance and exit

Now the player flies in and out of a stage

More Bug squashing!